Standard Operating Procedure FOR Operation of FLUIDIZED BED DRYER

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Standard Operating Procedure FOR Operation of FLUIDIZED BED DRYER


OBJECTIVE:To define the procedure for operation of fluidized bed dryer.


SCOPE:This SOP is applicable for operation of fluidized bed dryer.




  1. Machine Operator – To follow the procedure as per SOP.
  2. Production Supervisor – To ensure SOP is being properly followed.
  3. Production Head – To ensure proper execution of SOP.
  4. QA – To ensure SOP is being implemented.



QA: Quality Assurance

QC: Quality Control

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure



  1. Ensure that line clearance is taken from QA for cleanliness of the FBD.
  1. Ensure that FBD finger bag is intact and fitted properly.
  1. Ensure that proper earthing and bonding is provided.
  1. Ensure that the AHU system is ‘ON’ and working properly.
  1. Put ON the main switch of control panel.
  1. Switch ON the FBD.
  1. Set the minimum time for blower.
  1. Wait for 20-30 sec and allow blower to come into delta phase.
  1. Check the working of outlet damper for adequate air discharge. Allow the blower to shut off after completing the set time.
  2. Remove the bowl outside and check for cleanliness.
  3. Charge the wet material into the bowl.
  1. Fit the bowl properly and ensure that inlet damper of hot air is open.
  1. Set the drying time. Switch ON the blower.
  1. For air drying keep the steam inlet valve close this is at first floor.
  1. For hot air drying set the inlet temperature and open the steam valve.
  1. Shake the bags after every 15-20 minutes of drying operation as per setting done on control panel.
  1. After drying close steam inlet valve, keep on air drying to cool the material.
  1. After completion of blower set time, blower will stop. Then shake the bag for 2-3 min and observe that no material is sticking to finger bag.
  2. Remove the bowl and unload the material in fiber drums / HDPE drums containing polyethylene bag.
  3. Keep all the supporting items in close condition at proper place and duly labeled.


FREQUENCY:Whenever drying of granulation is required.

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