SOP for vendor audit

  SOP for vendor audit     OBJECTIVE:To define the procedure for vendor approval and qualification of vendor.   SCOPE:This SOP applies for procedure of vendor approval to all incoming raw materials and packaging material. This SOP also applies to qualify vendor, approved vendor list.   REFERENCE:Inhouse   RESPONSIBILITY: QA Incharge/QA officer: To conduct vendor … Read more

SOP for daily GMP checks

SOP for daily GMP checks   OBJECTIVE: To provide Guidelines for Daily GMP Checks.   SCOPE:1. This SOP provides guidelines regarding procedure for daily GMP checks to be performed by QA thrice a day (i.e. initial, middle & at the end of shift). 2.Daily GMP checks are important for maintaining & improving quality of product … Read more

SOP for internal audit

Sop for internal audit   OBJECTIVE:To enumerate the guidelines to be considered for conducting an internal Audit. It is carried out for self assessment and thereby improving the quality and standard of the products.   SCOPE:This SOP describes the guidelines for conducting internal audits of various departments.   REFERENCE:   NA   RESPONSIBILITY:Quality systems manager/QA … Read more

Good documentation practices

Good documentation practices   Objective:To provide procedure for good documentation practices during filling report.   SCOPE:This SOP applicable to QC,Engineering,proudction and HR department in the company. This SOP minimizes the document error in the company.   REFERENCE: In House   RESPONSIBILITY: All employees avoiding the mistake or error while filling the documents.   ABBREVATION: QC … Read more

SOP:procedure for Issuance of Log Books.

SOP:procedure for Issuance of Log Books.   OBJECTIVE: This SOP is to define the procedure for Issuance of Log Books to various departments.   SCOPE: This procedure is applicable for all Log Books to be used by various departments for various purpose. REFERENCE: In-house RESPONSIBILITY: Department head/Executive- To demand for log book QA personnel- To … Read more

SOP FOR non conformance reporting.

SOP FOR non conformance reporting. OBJECTIVE:  To lay down a procedure for non conformance reporting. SCOPE: This SOP shall be applicable for non conformance reporting to department head. REFERENCE: In-house RESPONSIBILITY:   Concerned Department Personnel: To report the non conformance as per SOP. QA Personnel: To investigate the non conformance in conjugation with concerned department … Read more