Operation and calibration of incubator

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Operation and calibration of incubator


OBJECTIVE:Objective of this SOP is to define the operation and calibration procedure of BOD incubator.


SCOPE:This procedure is applicable for operation and calibration of BOD incubator in Microbiology laboratory.


RESPONSIBILITY:Microbiologist: to follow the process given as per SOP.Q.C Head: to ensure the proper execution of the SOP.Q.A: to ensure that the SOP is being properly implemented


Sr. no Particular Departments


1 Master copy no. 01

2 Control copy no. 01

3 Total control copies 01


N.A.: Not Applicable

Q.C: Quality control

Q.A: Quality assurance

BOD: Biological Oxygen Demand


A) Instrument name: BOD Incubator

Make: Metalab

Sr. no: 11443

Instrument code no.: STSP/QC/BOD/01

Location: Incubator room, Microbiology laboratory.

B) Instrument name: BOD Incubator

Make: Metalab

Sr. no: 11370

Instrument code no.: STSP/QC/BOD/02

Location: Incubator room, Microbiology laboratory.

C) Instrument name: Bacteriological incubator

Make: Osworld

Sr. no: 2021

Instrument code: STSP/QC/BOD/03

Location: Incubator room, Microbiology laboratory


A. Operation of incubator:

1. Connect the incubator to the 15Apms socket.

2. Put on the main switch.

3. Controller will indicate the room temperature.

4. Now set the desirable temperature by pressing [up] or [down] & press [ ] to confirm set temperature.

Frequency: As and when required.

B. Cleaning of incubator:

1. Switch ‘OFF’ the power supply of Incubator

2. Remove the incubated material from incubator and keep it on clean table

3. Remove the shelves.

4. Clean the shelves and chamber with the dry cloth and then with 7o % IPA solution

5. Rearrange the Incubator & switch “ON” the power supply.

6. Ensure the temperature settings are retained otherwise set the temperature as per requirement.

Frequency: Weekly or as required.

C. Calibration of incubator:

1. Keep calibrated thermometer inside the incubator, in such a way that it should be readable without opening the glass door of incubator.

2. Read the mercury level of the thermometer after 10 minutes.

3. The digital display of the incubator should not show a deviation of temperature more than ±1°C with reference to the calibrated thermometer temperature.

4. Make five such observations at five different positions.

5. Note down the observations in the report format and check for compliance.

Frequency: Quarterly.

D. Precaution:

1. Use of voltage stabilizer is necessary or we are not liable to any damage caused to incubator.

2. Before starting the equipment please check the connections where the equipment is to be connected.

3. Handle calibrated thermometer carefully.

4. The mercury bulb of thermometer should not to be touched directly to any part of incubator.


I. BOD Incubator Log Book.

II. BOD Incubator Temperature Record Log Book.

III. Incubator calibration record.

I. BOD Incubator Log Book.

Date Time Analysis Done By

II. BOD Incubator Temperature Record Log Book.

Sr. No Date Time Temperature Checked By

Company name/QC/BOD 01 company name/QC/BOD 02 STSP/QC/BOD/03

Annexure III: Incubator calibration record


Equipment no.:


Frequency: Quarterly

Date of calibration:

Due date:

Temperature range:


Sr. No. Position Temperature observed

Std. Thermometer Digital Display

1. Left Hand side Top

2. Left Hand side Bottom

3. Centre

4. Right Hand side Top

5. Right Hand side Bottom

Conclusion: The temperature of the incubator complies / does not comply with the standard thermometer temperature. Therefore; the incubator complies / does not comply the calibration.

Done by: Checked by Approved by:

Date: Date: Date:


























































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