SOP:procedure for Issuance of Log Books.

SOP:procedure for Issuance of Log Books.


OBJECTIVE: This SOP is to define the procedure for Issuance of Log Books to various departments.


SCOPE: This procedure is applicable for all Log Books to be used by various departments for various purpose.




  1. Department head/Executive- To demand for log book
  1. QA personnel- To issue log books as per standard procedure. 




    1. While issuing new log book QA personnel shall ask to return old log book.


    1. In case of installation of new equipment, instrument and system new log book will be issued directly.


    1. QA personnel should ask required purpose of issuing of log book


    1. Old (previously used) log book will be reviewed by Q.A. personnel.


    1. A. person will make entry in log book issue register as per Annexure-I.


    1. After furnishing details as per Annexure-IIA. person will stamp on cover page and sign.


    1. Hand over log book by taking sign of person in register as per Annexure-I.


    1. The person will go in his department and start use of that log book when required.


    1. Log book Numbering


    Log book numbering is done by using department code and serial no.

    For Example:-


    Log no. of sampling booth is ST01


    Where ST-Abbreviation or code for stores

    01- Log book serial no. issued to the store.




    As and when issuing new register.




    Annexure 1- Log book issue register format.

    Annexure 2- Cover page of Log Book to be furnished and stamped by QA.