SOP for safety in store.

SOP for safety in store.

OBJECTIVE:To define the procedure for Safety while working in store department.

SCOPE:This SOP is applicable for safety working in store department.





1. Store personnel: – Follow the procedure as per SOP.

2. Store head: – To ensure that SOP is being followed and proper execution of SOP.

3. QA: – To ensure that SOP is being implemented properly.


Store Department




SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

QA : Quality Assurance

QC : Quality Control

MSDS : Material Safety Data Sheet




1. Safety precautions are always to be taken while working in store department.

2. Keep the store area clean, dry, and properly arranged as per chemical compatibility guide chart and labeled. Maintain a good housekeeping in the store.


3. Ensure that all the necessary personal protective equipments got issued from safety department and sufficient numbers are stored at the designated place in the store.


4. Ensure that while handling with chemicals, personal protective equipments such as hand gloves, safety goggles, nose mask etc are used.


5. Ensure that there is no unsafe condition like leakage / spillage or electric sparking etc.


6. Ensure that earthing arrangement is properly made.


7. Ensure that all the measuring instruments such as weighing balances are calibrated time to time.

8. Ensure that sufficient number and required type of the fire extinguishers are provided in the store.


9. Ensure that MSDS of all raw materials and finished products are available in store department.


10. Ensure that personnel working in store department are properly trained for the safety in store.


11. Ensure that no one brings or takes any food items inside store.


12. Ensure that no one brings or uses match box or lighter inside the store.


13. Ensure that the work permit for all engineering department related work got approval from safety officer after the inspection of the area of work for safety compliance.


14. For safety purpose for any leakage or spillage of liquid raw materials, keep the containers inside the tubs specially designed for it and incase of any leakage connect the hose pipes to the spillage / leakage collecting tank outside.


15. In case of any fire, use the proper fire extinguisher.


16. In case of any accidental situation, contact safety department & security department immediately.




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